AMBER Alert Training & Technical Assistance


In addition to training courses, AATTAP also offers other technical assistance services designed to identify and objectively evaluate problems, address problems which have already been identified by a community or agency, develop/introduce new programs, address sensitive issues needing an impartial outside perspective, and to aid in examining the effects of new laws, policies or procedures. If you are interested in making a request for consideration of AATTAP’s technical assistance services, click the button below to submit a Training & Technical Assistance Needs Assessment Survey.

Completion of this assessment aids in the design and delivery of effective training and technical assistance for Tribal community safety, child protection and comprehensive justice system planning. Assessment results identify needs based upon gaps between what exists currently and what is needed for training and technical assistance services in your community.

Final assessment reports are maintained by the AATTAP and copies are provided to the tribe as part of the technical assistance process. Completed assessments are utilized by the AATTAP and OJJDP to develop action plans, identify training and technical assistance needs and resources for tribes.

If you have questions about submitting the Needs Assessment Survey or other questions about our training options, please contact us at 877-712-6237 or email us at