Child Protection Training for Tribal Communities


The links below will open in a new browser window and will take you to Tribal training and event information on the National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC) Website. On each page visited, you may print a course flyer. You can also use the ‘Request’ button to submit a formal request for the training. On that form, be sure to note the name of the course in which you are interested. If there are training events scheduled for the course you are viewing, information on those scheduled events will be displayed with the course description along with information on how to request registration for that location/event.

Available Trainings

Building AMBER Alert Programs in Indian Country: Key Components
and Strategy


Designed to provide child protection personnel working with Native American and Alaskan Native communities with an understanding of historical and ongoing efforts to establish AMBER Alert systems in Indian Country and to offer careful consideration of the key components needed to implement a successful child abduction recovery strategy in communities. This is a one-hour self-directed course.

Law Enforcement & Community Response: Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation in Indian Country


Provides child protection personnel in Indian Country with information on child sex trafficking and exploitation, and supports community awareness in identifying and reporting these crimes. Outreach, training and law enforcement response are covered to support safe recovery of victims, interdiction of these crimes, and offender prosecution.