Brian Thurber | January 4, 2019

We R Native is a resource specifically for Native youth. It was developed to provide them with a multitude of resources for their physical, mental and emotional health. Additionally, it provides in-person support to Native youth through the Ambassador program, as well as having a monthly contest that Native youth, especially teens, can participate in!


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NSTeens is a great way to engage youth between the ages of 8-12 in learning about cyber bullying and online privacy. It covers topics that may be considered more mature than the ones covered in NetSmartz Kids, but nevertheless is vitally important to share with this age range. It includes resources such as videos, web […]


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NetSmartz Teens, part of the main NetSmartz website, provides teens with links to different entertaining and informative outlets regarding internet safety. With a focus on cyber bullying, this website gives teens the opportunity to report incidences of cyber bullying, play an interactive role playing activity to reflect on their internet safety habits, watch informative and […]


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NetSmartz Kids is the perfect way to get kids ages 5-10 involved in learning about internet safety. It has games, videos, music, and more to engage them in this important topic. The materials here can be used to run a program at your Club or school, or can be accessed directly by kids on their […]


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KidSmartz, developed by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC), is a child safety program. Whereas NetSmartz focuses primarily on internet safety, KidSmartz takes a broader approach to address general safety concerns that affect our youth. It includes tips for parents, teaching materials, as well as video resources that can be accessed directly […]


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Interland is a fun, interactive game that encourages safe internet habits. It can be played by children of all ages, and is part of Google’s “Be Internet Awesome” campaign. It takes the player through a series of lands where they face the “bad guys,” which are: phishers, hackers, bullies and over-sharers. With Interland, children will […]


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Safe Online Surfing is an interactive game which is operated on the FBI website. Geared towards youth in third to eighth grade, players follow a range of characters based on their grade to go on an adventure to learn safe internet habits! While fun and entertaining for youth, the site allows educators to sign their […]