AIIC Technology Toolkit Inventory

Brian Thurber | March 2, 2022

A part of the AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program’s AMBER Alert in Indian Country (AIIC) Initiative mission to provide tribes with critically important resources for effective response to endangered missing and abducted child cases, new technology toolkits have been developed and are being delivered to tribal law enforcement agencies.

AMBER Alert Best Practices for Public Information Officers (PIOs)

Brian Thurber | November 4, 2021

When a child is endangered, missing, or abducted, the Public Information Officer (PIO) fills an essential role
in law enforcement’s effective communications with the public, navigating critically important interactions
with broadcast and online media providers.

BP Guide thumbnail

AMBER Alert Best Practices Guide – 2019

Brian Thurber |

This resource provides an overview of the AMBER Alert Program. It provides detailed information on the role of AMBER Alert in general, its role with the media, and how the program can be improved. Law enforcement, parents, youth workers and other community members should refer to this guide to learn the best ways to engage…

Law Enforcement Field Guide Cover

Field Guide for Law Enforcement Officers

Brian Thurber | June 5, 2019

Provides high-level information on law enforcement’s investigative response in relation to incidents of endangered missing and abducted children, and the AMBER Alert Process. The resource discusses key areas for further training, preparation and scenario/skill-based assessment.

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Missing or Murdered Indigenous Persons: Law Enforcement & Prevention

Brian Thurber | June 4, 2019

In tribal consultations and listening sessions, tribal leaders, advocates, law enforcement, community members, and others raised concerns about the disappearance or murder of American Indian and Alaska Native people across the United States.


Brian Thurber | January 4, 2019

This is a quick chart that covers common jurisdictional issues dealing with trafficking and exploitation in tribal communities. It is not intended to be a comprehensive resource, but rather a quick guide.


Brian Thurber |

This is an important announcement about The Tribal Issues Advisory Group and a couple of charges that go along with it. Learn how this group can help you in your federal sentencing issues.


Brian Thurber |

This booklet is designed to help tribal communities determine when a child is at risk for developing problem behaviors or being victimized. Inside, you will find descriptions and ways to identify six key issues that pose the biggest threat to tribal youth today.