Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada Quarterly Meeting

Tyesha Wood

Pictured Above: Tyesha Wood, Project Coordinator, AMBER Alert Training & Technical Assistance Program and ITCN Council Members

On January 31, 2020, AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program and AMBER Alert in Indian Country (AATTAP-AIIC) team members Tyesha Wood and Tanea Parmenter attended the quarterly meeting of the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada (ITCN) in Sparks, Nevada. During this meeting, they provided a brief presentation on the Ashlynne Mike AMBER Alert in Indian Country Act of 2018 and the ongoing efforts by AATTAP-AIIC to support its implementation. The ITCN is comprised of members from the 27 tribes in Nevada. The purpose of the Council is to promote opportunities for the tribes and to assist with the tribe’s partnerships with local and state organizations. AATTAP – AIIC staff will continue to collaborate with the ITCN council members and assist tribes in developing programs that protect children and support the work being done with missing and exploited children programs in their communities.