AMBER Alert in Indian Country AMBER Advocate, Issue 3, 2022

AMBER Advocate | September 6, 2022

New Washington State alert addresses high rate of missing indigenous people A first-of-its-kind alert system for missing indigenous women and people was signed into law in Washington state in March 2022. The system helps distribute information about missing Native Americans much like an AMBER Alert. Washington has the second-highest number of missing indigenous people in […]

Members of the Hopi and Paiute Tribal Police Departments with their newly-received AMBER Alert in Indian Country Toolkits

AMBER Alert in Indian Country Toolkits are ‘On the Move!’

AMBER Advocate | March 1, 2022

When a child goes missing, Law Enforcement response time is critical, and to be effective they need the right tools. The AMBER Alert in Indian Country Initiative (AIIC) assists Tribal Law Enforcement in establishing an AMBER Alert plan or to collaborate with their states in adopting their current AMBER Alert plan.  With the development of […]

AMBER Alert in Indian Country – Issue 4 2021

AMBER Advocate | December 6, 2021

  Nearly 10,000 Native Americans—more than 7,000 under the age of 18–went missing in 2020. Those statistics from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) were shared at the first virtual AMBER Alert Indian Country Symposium—which was held in conjunction with the National AMBER Alert Symposium on August 17-19, 2021. Tribal AMBER Alert partners in attendance […]

November 13, 2021: Five Years in Remembrance of Ashlynne Mike

AMBER Advocate | November 15, 2021

Written by Pamela Foster, Mother of Ashlynne, and unwavering advocate for the protection of children in Indian Country This month on November 13th we celebrated Ashlynne’s birthday. This will be the 5th birthday where the only one who couldn’t attend was Ashlynne. Despite her physical absence, this day still belongs to her. On this beautiful […]

Ashlynne Mike

AMBER Alert in Indian Country – Issue 2 2021

AMBER Advocate | June 10, 2021

Contributed by Pamela Foster, mother of Ashlynne May 2, 2021, will mark five years since the abduction of my children Ashlynne and Ian Mike. Ian was at a tender age of 9 and still very young and spent a majority of his time cementing his relationship with his sister. Ashlynne was 11 and she was […]

Shiprock Monument

AMBER Alert in Indian Country – Issue 1 2021

AMBER Advocate | March 25, 2021

“Thankfully, we were prepared.” On Nov. 25, 2020, the Navajo Nation AMBER Alert faced its first real test – and aced it. The AMBER Alert led to two young sisters being safely returned to their home in northwest New Mexico, and that left Navajo Nation Department of Emergency Management Harlan Cleveland breathing yet another sigh […]

A large painted mural adorns a memorial for Amber Hagerman, the little girl who was abducted on her bike and later found dead in Arlington, Texas in 1996.(Tom Fox / Staff Photographer)

25 years after the abduction of Amber Hagerman, hope and hard work continue

AMBER Advocate | January 19, 2021

From the Dallas Morning News: “For the first time, police said they have DNA evidence that someday — with new technology that has solved other high-profile cold cases — could be the key to finding her killer.” A hallmark of surviving families is their strength and resilience in keeping hope – active and intentional – […]

AMBER Alert in Indian Country – Issue 4 2020

AMBER Advocate | December 11, 2020

A nine-member task force has begun compiling a report on murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls in Utah. The task force hopes to understand the scope of the problem and stop further injustices from occurring. The members include representatives from Restoring Ancestral Winds, the Urban Indian Center, the Paiute Indian Tribe, and several state […]